A Lovely Diner Serving Classic American Cuisine

The Menlo Park Diner is a family-owned restaurant in Edison, New Jersey that offers delicious comfort food, breakfast dishes, and more. We are committed to serving scrumptious and freshly cooked meals to our beloved customers.


Who We Are

For more than three generations, our family has been working hard to provide the best diner food to our great community. We confidently adapt our operations to the modern ways of serving meals to our customers.

Why Choose Us

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Our commitment to serve our customers remains the same since our establishment. We highly value them and treat them like they are family.


Our Diner Is Open 24/7

People can come and get their favorite meals in our restaurant at any time. We are always open to serve our customers - except on Christmas day.

We Always Serve Freshly Made Dishes

Our loyal staff strives to ensure that the ingredients we use are fresh so that we can create high-quality food. We also aim to prepare and serve freshly cooked meals for our customers’ enjoyment.

The Diner’s History


The Beginning

Our diner’s location has a long history of serving Edison, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas of Metuchen, Fords, Woodbridge, and other towns. Long ago, the establishment served as an inn where travelers on their horse carriages would stop for food and rest before they continued on their long journey. It then became a thriving tavern before the 1960s.

Its Transition Into a Diner

In the early ‘60s, the building became the “The Menlo Coach Diner.” It was then sold and renamed as “The Suburban Diner’ in 1976.

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Becoming The Menlo Park Diner

Our family bought the diner in 1990. Eight years later, we renovated it into the classic New Jersey diner with the bright ‘50s aesthetic that it has today.